This blog is dedicated to the memory of my late uncle, David Clark Johnson. Growing up, David was instrumental to the development of my love and appreciation of music. A music nerd who was into an eclectic mix of classic rock and cult artists, David introduced me to many genres and artists I hold dear today.

He also bought my family our first CD player and our first two CDs: The Beatles REVOLVER and the Steely Dan compilation A DECADE OF STEELY DAN. The former launched me into a lifelong love of the Fab Four, and the latter I ended up stealing from my parents shortly after starting college and rediscovering Steely Dan.

On the occasion of my 30th birthday, David gifted me his entire vinyl record collection. A collection that ended up getting shuffled around the country before coming to rest permanently in my record dungeon. Flipping through his collection is like peering into both his soul and mine. I think about David a lot, and I miss him. But every time I hear NRBQ’s “Riding in My Car” or 10cc’s “Rubber Bullets,” I think of him.

Besides using this blog as an excuse to discover new music, I intend on slowly going through his collection and reviewing each album piece by piece.